"Biblical Terms & Words" - Room 206

Taught by Jeff Lindquist.

Topics pertaining to the proper understanding of major New Testament words in the area of soteriology. Words such as justification, sanctification, propitiation, foreknowledge & predestination will be studied & discussed.

Ladies Class - Room 208

Women's Class Taught by Elaine Sosman.  Currently studying the book "Just Give Me Jesus".

"Essentials for Discipleship" - Room 207B

Taught by Gary Gilley. In contrast to the man-created disciplines designed for spiritual formation, the Bible directly proclaims only four disciplines necessary for spiritual growth: Scripture, prayer, the body of Christ and principles of transformation. This class will study these in depth.

Seniors Class - Room 202

Taught by Marvin Sanders.  This class will be studying "Hebrews - The Superiority of Christ".

"Foundation Class" - Room 210

This is a series of classes on the foundations of the faith. Currently studying "Old Testament Survey." Taught Brian Bandy

What We Believe - Library

Taught by Chris Disler and Gary Mings.  This course gives an overview of what we believe at SVC and how we function as a church. All contemplating joining the church should go through this class, as well as any wanting a better understanding of our core beliefs.

"The Science and Reason Religions" - Room 207B

Taught Brian Hendricks. This class will review the belief systems of Christian Science, Scientology, Unitarian Universalism and other faiths that use science and reasons as guideposts.