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Extra-biblical Writings - Room 207A

This class will focus on the Apocrypha, "Gnostic Gospels", and other writings that are considered "Scripture" by some (but not most) Christians.  These writings have impacted Christianity from Jesus's time to today.  - Taught by Brian Hendricks

Seniors Class - Room 203

Taught by Marvin Sanders.  This class will be studying "David - A Man After God's Own Heart"

For the Glory of God - Rom 207B

This class which will examine all of life as worship. Taught by Brian Gilley

Sunday School classes change every two months

The class groupings are scheduled as such: Jan-Feb, Mar-Apr, May-Jun, Jul-Aug, Sep-Oct and Nov-Dec.

I Peter (for women) - Room 208

For women only. Taught by Elaine Sosman

What We Believe - Room 210

Taught by Chris Disler and Gary Mings.  This course gives an overview of what we believe at SVC and how we function as a church. All contemplating joining the church should go through this class, as well as any wanting a better understanding of our core beliefs.

Philippians - Room 206

Teaching the New Testament epistle of Philippians. - Taught by Chris Wilson